Want to join the safe stream of driving? Come to Edwins driving school in Tilak Nagar. Do you have teenagers at home who are new to driving and seem to be reckless and aggressive in driving? We can help them through our defensive driving course, where they get to learn plenty of practical safety tips to drive alert and remain calm.

Fast track learning through our driving school in Tilak Nagar

Our driving courses are fast track and short-term for people who want to add safety and expertise to the new skill of driving. Our driving school in Tilak Nagar specializes in defensive and advanced driving training for learners of varied background.

Creating awareness among Youngsters and Teens on defensive technique

Today’s youngsters and teens get aggressive in driving, which makes the parents panic when they drive. However, our defensive course creates complete awareness about safety and provides preventive measures for safe driving. Our instructors make them receptive to safe instructions from day one. Our driving packages are constructive way to help your children for a life time safe driving.


Many teens today do not know that tailgating is hazardous and dangerous and maintaining a safe distance between vehicles is important. Our defensive tips trains drivers on maintaining safe distance and take quick action when a vehicle in the front breaks unexpectedly. We develop defensive drivers to handle hazardous situations on the road. Enroll your children, teens and youngsters for advanced driving training by calling 09920091080.

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