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With the increasing number of vehicles and traffic, the number of unexpected road accidents has increased. To combat and overcome the stress of driving in a challenging environment, you need advanced driving techniques. We at Edwins driving school in Marathahalli provide unique, sophisticated, advanced and expert level training for learners and experienced drivers who want to excel in driving.


Achieve excellence in driving

Do you want to achieve more in driving through safe practices? Excel today by joining one of our training packages which are personalized to meet your needs. Our training is one-to-one where you get to spend more time on the roads with a personal instructor to master the skill of driving.



Training packages in our driving school in Marathahalli


Our package provides and covers:

  • Advanced skills
  • Expert level driving skills
  • Patient and friendly trainers
  • Professional and personal approach
  • Defensive and safe driving skills
  • Fast track and intensive courses

Personal training with no dual control

The concept of driving without dual control is becoming popular these days. This is because of the lesser the intervention greater the learning speed among the learners. We have taken this idea concise to make you a confident, independent and experienced driver within the few days of learning.


Little is emphasized about personal training in other driving institutes. Here at Edwins, you will be amazed at the amount of personal instruction time our instructor provides for each of our students. This is one reason our students learn more in a short duration. If you have taken license and still not having confidence driving in slopes we give you special classes where you master this art within no time.

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