Make a big leap in your driving through Edwins Art of Driving School in Chennai

Edwins art of driving school is one of the renowned driving schools in Chennai specializing on defensive and expert level driving techniques. We make you efficient drivers with our advanced driving strategies that make you drive like an expert. Our approach to training begins after we observe how you drive. We take you on the road to win with our qualified and certified driving instructors. We also train people who have no prior experience in driving on the roads. Our clients have opportunity to drive on variety of vehicles from hatchback, Sedan to SUVS. It will be a dream come true experience for you in the technique of driving.

Our driving lessons help you become independent drivers

Get the most out of our driving lessons through independent driving. Every time you make a mistake the instructors take control of the car with instructors clutch and break. This practice of dual control has made most of the new drivers lack confidence. We do not use dual control in our learning sessions. In addition, you will also have the chance to practice in your own personal car as well.

Managing risk behind the wheel with defensive driving strategies

Anxious and tensed drivers benefit greatly from our defensive driving techniques. These are essential skills you wouldn’t have mastered in any of your learning to drive lessons in other places. Defensive driving strategies enable you to manage risk behind the wheel, handle emergency situation and learn emergency braking techniques. You will be amazed at how much better you are able to drive smartly and safely through our tips and techniques. In fact, you can save lives and decrease your insurance claim and avoid loosing your insurance renewal bonus through our defensive driving tips and techniques. Our defensive driving techniques will save your life, and your co-travelers which are usually not covered through any insurance.

Driving becomes a subconscious activity through our driving school in Chennai

Our driving institute in Chennai prepares you with defensive techniques to avoid unexpected risks. We create alertness in your mind while you are still able to drive smoothly and stress free. Can subconscious help you in making correct moves while driving? Yes, definitely, you will remain alert while driving. As you develop confidence through our driving strategies, you get into a place of no fear and no stress.

From novice into an skillful driver

Your dream to become an expert driver can be easily achieved. Have you lost touch with driving? Or if you are stuck up in the same place even after years of obtaining your license, we help you build your confidence with experienced driving instructors in Chennai. Our one-to-one lessons are intended to suit individual needs. We enable you to move on the roads with confident driving skills. Our driving schools in Chennai turns a beginner into an expert level driver. In all our strategies our focus is on road safety for you and all around. We also teach you defensive strategies along with Expert Driving Techniques.

Driving instructions that build confidence

Our well qualified instructors have 20+ years of driving experience to groom you to the next level of driver. Do you dread or panic driving because of your past driving lessons at other driving institutes? Enroll with Edwins Art of driving school where your confidence grows. We offer fast track packages to master the art of driving within a short time frame. Reach out to us for more details on our training packages.


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