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Edwin Art of Driving is a personal driving school in Mylapore

One should never drive distracted to avoid mishaps. Our driving school in Mylapore insists on safety before speed. That is why we teach all our students safety techniques. Driving distracted is one of the main causes for car collisions and has taken a toll on the number of deaths on the past few years.

Here are some ways you can avoid distractions while driving.

  • Well ahead of appointments. Start early to avoid rush and hurry. Always plan your trip well ahead especially if it is an important appointment. Some times when we rush to something important, we tend to forget all the laws and lose focus. This can lead to something disastrous. So, always plan everything before and start early and stay in schedule.
  • Avoid all kinds of distractions: Be it food or music or mobile, all distractions should be put aside while driving. Never eat or drink while driving. Human Brain is not well trained to do multitask. Eating and driving is one of the primary distractions. In case of situations where eating is of prime importance, always bring the car to a halt, finish the food before starting to drive again.
  • Enroll for defensive driving classes in Mylapore

    Theoretical tips are useful to an extent. However, you need defensive driving training to drive safe. Never drive distracted, never drive without knowing defensive techniques. Take the help of our driving instructor in Mylapore to know more on advanced driving skills. We make you safety conscious, improve your alertness by creating awareness about the surroundings and minimize risk.

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