Advanced road safety training is the need for the day. In advanced course, you spend extra hours to master the new skill of driving. We at Edwins driving school in Worli provide:

  • World class driving training for young and senior adults
  • Corporate driver training
  • Defensive driver training
  • Personal driver training
  • Advanced expert level training

We have a wide range of driving training programs to meet your needs and budget. Specializing in defensive technique we make sincere effort to educate, motivate, and develop our students in safe driving skills.

Our qualified driving instructors provide comprehensive, high-quality, structured training to identify road hazards and overcome uncertain threats.



Qualities of instructors in our driving school in Worli

  • Passionate for driving
  • Caring for safety and friendly in training
  • Over 20+ years of experience
  • Make driving a pleasant experience
  • Always go the extra mile to make you learn
  • Down-to-earth and patient to equip you with the skills
  • Reliable and supportive

If you have stopped your journey of driving anywhere, come to us to continue and complete the training. You will be a fully equipped, skillful and safe driver on the road.

Our driving school in Worli provides:

The one-to-one individual lessons you get from us helps you practice more. Also, it provides dedicated time to the learners to get all their queries answered. At the end of every session, we review your driving and plan our next session. This gives great progress in the performance of students and to practice what they learnt.

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