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Driving school in Kalyan Nagar

Do you want to master the art of safe driving skills? Do you know that defensive driving saves lives, saves time and saves money? Defensive driving means Irrespective of the driving and behavior of others, you drive safe.

In addition, defensive driving will help you to safeguard, protect and defend you and others on the road through awareness, alertness and preparedness. This preparedness comes only through training from a qualified driving instructor. Many new learners and drivers are not aware of the importance of learning defensive driving technique.

What are the benefits of learning to safeguard?

Defensive driving training and advanced level training will equip drivers to:

  • Become better driver: No one can become a better driver in one day. However, a good training from a trustworthy driving school like us will make you one within a short time.
  • Master critical accident-free techniques: Learn accident-free techniques to handle critical careless behavior of other drivers through our driving school in Kalyan Nagar.
  • Reduce fines: Our driving training will help you drive right, drive safe and thereby no fines.
  • Save insurance money: Edwin’s driving school in Kalyan Nagar will take you to the next level driving safe thereby significant reduction in insurance money.
  • Apart from these benefits, you have a lifelong safe journey driving your car.


What do you think is the real reason to learn defensive driving?

Edwin’s art of driving is one of the reliable driving school in Kalyan Nagar specialized in defensive driving training. Our qualified and trustworthy instructors can take you miles of training within a short span of time.

Your subconscious mind is sharpened and prepared to drive efficiently and handle all situations effectively. This is made possible only through training on advanced safe driving skills. Come join our stream of safe drivers in the city by learning this new skill.

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