Be it traditional or defensive driving training, Edwin’s is the best driving school in Chembur. Edwins art of driving school is one of the renowned driving schools with passionate instructors who want to see you as a successful and safe driver. Many new drivers lack the expertise to drive safe as the traditional training has not benefited them much. From one leap to the next level of expertise is achieved by defensive training.

You will remain at peace if you know your spouse and your children are familiar with defensive driving techniques. Equipping with all safety instructions with practical insights, we at Edwin’s enable you to climb the ladder of driving success.

Traditional or Defensive, which is better?

What is more suitable to enroll to hone your skills? We recommend defensive training as more is covered in the sessions and more safety tips are inculcated in the learners. Traditional style of training is not sufficient for new drivers. You need defensive training through our driving school in Chembur to get more practice on the new skill and get better control over the vehicle.


Practical application to reduce risk in driving

We at Edwin’s driving school in Chembur not just stop with orienting about the rules, but provide hands-on practical application of rules on the real world scenarios. You get to practice the rules on the road on mall parking lot, highways, multiple lanes, and traffics.

If you have a license with traditional basic knowledge of driving, we can get you to next level through advanced driving. Safety, security and steadiness on the road guaranteed all through your life through our hallmark training on driving skills.

You become more aware of your driving surroundings, cognizant about the road environment and improve on road sense through defensive training. Don’t just stop with traditional driving training, take the advanced driving course.

Your journey to driving begins here at Edwins

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